C3M, Córdoba | Álvaro Urbano

Ecologies of Peace is a group exhibition featuring Álvaro Urbano, co-organized by TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary and C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, in Córdoba, Spain. Curated by Daniela Zyman it will be open from April 26 this year until March 30, 2025.

ISLAA, New York | Jorge Eielson

THREADS TO THE SOUTH is the group exhibition curated by Anna Burckhardt Pérez at the The Institute for Studies on Latin American Art, in New York, USA.  This show features the work of Jorge Eielson along with other nineteen other artists who create a relationship between belonging, identity, and territory in Latin America. Until July 27th.

MOUSSE: "Addicted to Innocence" by Chus Martínez

“Hope, in other words, has ceased to be a cloud up in the sky; it has become a dynamic force full of paradoxes at the core of our tired Western societies. We have somehow stopped creating tools and technologies to protect the transmission of crucial values and the possibility of coexistence, and instead have become dreamers of quick escapes. ” Read the full article that examines the innocence behind Álvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj’s practice on Mousse.

MARCO, Monterrey | Jorge Méndez Blake

After its itinerancy at Museo Cabañas, Proscenios Literarios de Jorge Méndez Blake will open at MARCO, Monterrey NL on April 18, 2024. The artist’s retrospective, curated by Victor Palacios, will be on view through September 2024.

MAC USP, São Paulo | Eleonore Koch

The Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil,  is opening Eleonore Koch: Em Cena , curated by Fernanda Pitta this Saturday, April 6th, will be on view MAC USP until July 17th. The exhibition includes works from public collections and a large number of never-before-seen works from private collections, giving a unique insight into the artist’s work.

MAC, Lyon | John Isaacs

Disorders – Excerpts from the collection Antoine de Galbert is the group exhibition at MAC Lyon – Lyon, France – in which John Isaacs is currently participating. The show, in which 250 pieces selected by Antoine de Galbert himself,  will be on view until Sunday 7 July 2024.

FEMSA BIENNAL, Guanajuato | Jorge Méndez Blake

Ampliación a la Biblioteca Vasconcelos (2009), by Jorge Méndez Blake, is currently exhibition as part of 30 Years in the Art World. A review of the FEMSA Biennial, held at the Museo de Arte e Historia de Guanajuato, in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. This edition of the biennial is curated by Daniel Garza Usabiaga and will be open until July 14, 2024.

NC ARTE, Bogotá | Mateo López

Pasado Futurista is the upcoming exhibition by Mateo López and curated by  María Iovino. The show will be on view at  NC Arte Bogotá, Colombia from March 16th until May 25th, 2024.

FRIEZE: "Frieda Toranzo Jaeger Paints Christ Crucified by Capitalism" by Anna Goetz

“In ‘Uber: Déjame entrar’ (‘Uber: Let Me In’) at Travesía Cuatro in Mexico City, the artist – whose work will also be included in the main exhibition of the upcoming Venice Biennale – presents a new body of five, wall-hung works. Rather small by her standards, they are no less visually powerful and loaded with art-historical references”. Read the full article on Frieze.

BIENNALE OF SYDNEY | Álvaro Urbano & Petrit Halilaj

The 24th Biennale of Sydney, titled Ten Thousand Suns, ignites its transformative power of art across six iconic Sydney locations.  In this edition, Álvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj will be participating at White Bay Power Station.

CA2M, Madrid | Teresa Solar Abboud

Pájaro sueño de máquina by Teresa Solar Abboud curated by Tania Pardo and Claudia Segura, will be presented at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid, Spain from February 17 to June 9, 2024 and will later travel to MACBA in Barcelona and the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Torino.

CA2M, Madrid | Asunción Molinos Gordo

The next solo exhibition of Asunción Molinos Gordo Dèjá Vécu. Lo ya vivido, will take place at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo in Madrid, Spain. The exhibition, curated by Andrea Pacheco González, can be visited from February 17 until June 9, 2024.

LES ABATTOIRS, Toulouse | Asunción Molinos Gordo

Artists and Farmers is the group exhibition featuring Asunción Molinos Gordo that explores the connection between artists and farmers through the current challenges facing agriculture. The exhibition can be visited from February 29th until August 25th 2024 at Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France.

HAYWARD GALLERY, London | Teresa Solar Abboud

When Forms Come Alive: Sixty Years of Restless Sculpture is the group exhibition in which Teresa Solar Abboud is currently participating. The show at The Hayward Gallery in London, UK, spans over 60 years of contemporary sculpture and will be open until May 6, 2024.

ARTER, Istambul | John Isaacs

Curated by Selen Ansen, the exhibition Suppose You Are Not explores the possibilities of restaging and articulating the affinities created between distinct objects by means of a collector’s desires and endeavors. This group exhibition features John Isaacs work and is now on view at ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey.

ArtNet: How a Bolivian Spiritual Festival Transformed the Way Donna Huanca Thought About the World and Her Art by Taylor Dafoe

“That Huanca would find inspiration in the festival’s rich cultural history and sense of spiritual communion makes sense: it’s from these same base themes that her work is alchemized.” Read more at ArtNet.

Contemporânea: Alexandre Estrela: 'Flat Bells' by Rômulo Moraes

“In this black expanse of projection, the paintings simulate movement, expanding and contracting, as if in systole and diastole, thus giving us the impression of life”, explains Rômulo Moreas’ text on Alexandre Estrela’s solo show ‘Flat Bells’, now on view at MoMA, NY.  You can read the complete article on Contemporânea (text originally in Portuguese).

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes | Álvaro Urbano

TEA's artistic director Gilberto González and artist Álvaro Urbano talk about 'Acto I. La eterna adolescencia', an exhibition that can currently be visited at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes and that introduces visitors to a timeless reverie with the recreation of the Gazmira, a hotel that began to be built in the late 1950s on the mountain of Tenisca (La Palma).

MoMA MAGAZINE: Alexandre Estrela Interviewed by Ellie Ga

“At a certain point I felt that I was really working on an artificial being with several parts and each of them had their own rhythm, way of living, that could actually live separately. But I was interested because they had singularities, but also, they could collaborate”. Read the full interview here.

NEW PUBLICATION: Jose Dávila, Memory of a Telluric Movement

The monograph Memory of a Telluric Movement, by Jose Dávila, comprises his homonymous exhibition from 2022 at Haus Konstruktiv in Zürich, as well as an interview with the show’s curator Sabine Schaschl and a text by Britta Schröder. Published by Impronta Casa Editora and designed by Luisa Mendoza and Alejandro Siordia.

CONARTE, Monterrey | Gonzalo Lebrija, Jose Dávila & Jorge Mendez Blake

Opening October 18, the exhibition Patchwork: Charpenel Guadalajara Collection will be on view at Nave Generadores and Fototeca at Centro de las Artes CONARTE, Monterrey, Mexico. Curated by Michel Blancsubé, the exhibition includes works by Gonzalo Lebrija, Jose Dávila and Jorge Mendez Blake.


“Saba’s Memory Trail or The Composite of Time” is a public artwork by Sara Ramo at Saba’s (Netherlands) new fire station. All the inhabitants of the island were invited to participate in the creation of the installation that is now translated into a collective monument.

TEA Espacio de las Artes, Tenerife | Sofía Bassi

The first exhibition in Europe in which Sofía Bassi participates will be at TEA Espacio de las Artes, Canary Islands. The exhibition Insolación, curated by Gilberto González, can be visited from September 29th, 2023, to April 21st, 2024.

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes | Álvaro Urbano

Álvaro Urbano presents Acto I: La eterna adolescencia, at TEA Espacio de las Artes, Tenerife, Canary Islands, from September 29, 2023 until April 21st, 2024. Through an installation, Urbano explores the eternal adolescence, as part of the human condition.

NEW PUBLICATION: Mateo López (El tiempo es la idea)

The publication Mateo López (El tiempo es la idea), published by This Side Up, features texts by researcher and curator Julien Petit and writer and curator Manuel Cirauqui along with a collective of artists, curators and designers, formed around the Eina Idea program in Barcelona. 

The publication was produced with the support of Travesía Cuatro, Casey Kaplan Gallery, Galería Luisa Strina and Goodman Gallery.

FAURSCHOU, NY | Donna Huanca

SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH) is Donna Huanca’s major institutional solo presentation in New York, USA. The show comprises paintings, sculpture, olfactory and sound works, punctuated by a series of live performances, each one unique and especially commissioned for the occasion. It will be on view at Faurschou NY, from October 21st, 2023, until, July 14th, 2024. 

MUSEO AMPARO, Puebla | Jose Dávila, Jorge Méndez Blake & Gonzalo Lebrija

Jose Dávila, Jorge Méndez Blake and Gonzalo Lebrija are part of the permanent group show TIME IN THINGS II. CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERIES, on view at Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico.

HAMBURGER BAHNHOF, Berlin | Álvaro Urbano

Álvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj are part of the group exhibition “Nationalgalerie. A collection for the 21st century”, curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath at the Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie Der Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany.


NOBEL PEACE CENTER, Oslo | Álvaro Urbano

Álvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj are presenting their work Forget-me-not as a permanent installation at the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, due to its strong symbolic power about love, hope and forgiveness. Curated by KORO – Public Art Norway, the piece will be on view as of May 2nd, 2023.

VIDEO | Jose Dávila: Ibero-American Patronage Awards 2023

The Ibero-American Patronage Awards 2023 organized by the Callia Foundation paid tribute to artist Jose Dávila. At the La Suerte de Dar meetings that took place at the CENTRO CENTRO auditorium of the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, Jose Dávila talked about his work with journalist and art historian María de la Peña.

MUSEO REINA SOFÍA | Asunción Molinos Gordo

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia has expanded its collection with the work of 12 Spanish contemporary women artists, including Asuncion Molinos Gordo, at the last edition of ARCOmadrid. ¡Cuanto río más arriba! will now be part of the permanent collection of MNCARS.


Jose Dávila, Exercises of the Possible is published by Hatje Cantz Verlag and edited by Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, Jeffrey Grove.

Texts by Pedro Alonzo, Louisa Edgerton, Frauke V. Josenhans, Patricia Martin, Humberto Moro, David Raskin, Sabine Schaschl, Karen Stein. Graphic design by Rutger Fuchs.

I·G·A· | Travesía Cuatro

Travesía Cuatro is part of the International Galleries Alliance I·G·A·, a collaborative non-profit association that aims to create platforms and opportunities within the contemporary art market. 


Jorge Mendez Blake presents I Remember an Exhibition at Palms Springs Museum, an installation specially commissioned for the museum’s main façade. The short texts describe imaginary conditions inside the museum, referencing fleeting activities, and non-existent artworks and spaces


Dismantled Landscape (José Juan Tablada’s Haikus)  is the site-specific work commissioned to Jorge Méndez Blake that has won the inaugural edition of The Macallan Art Prize. The artwork will be part of the permanent exhibition at The Bass museum, Miami, USA. 

MACBA BARCELONA | Elena del Rivero

Elena del Rivero’s work, Letters to the mother (1993-97) is presented in the exhibition MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention, which will be on view from December 14, 2022, until mid 2024 at MACBA Barcelona.


Architecture of Empathy is the art work that John Isaacs is currently showing at  Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France, as part of the reopening of the Middle Ages and Renaissance halls.


Sara Ramo integrates the permanent collection of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, Spain with the works Minhas e Suas and Una y otra vez, which are currently exhibited in COMMUNICATING VESSELS. Collection 1881-2021, the museum’s rehanging.