Alexandre Estrela
Alexandre EstrelaWood Cuts/Wood Rings, 2009 Anaglyphic projection stereo video, color, sound, loop, wooden structure 163x187x201 cm
Alexandre EstrelaAquário, 2010 Video projection, Plexiglass screen, paper, colour, stereo sound Music: Alvin Lucier, Barbecue Grill 52.5x93x50 cmA rubber band floats adrift in an aquarium. The movement of this odd geometric body is accompanied by the sound of pure frequencies, punctuated with occasional piano notes. The electronic sound establishes a sonic illusion which results from the superimposition of two frequencies with contradictory movements - an ascending and descending frequency (Shepherd's paradox). To each note played correspods the appearance of a video frame which intersects the flow of images, visibly interfering with the rubber band's geometric contour. When a high note is played, a posterior frame of the same video momentarily appears on screen, breaking the image flow; conversely, a previous frame is introduced whenever a low note is heard. As the video progresses, the rubber band wanders through the screen, carrying along the drawing or the mark of past and future momets. The video is absorbed by a sheet of paper inserted in an acrylic structure, which reflects, divides and again projects the images in the neighbouring walls.
Alexandre EstrelaInversao Polar, 2011 16 mm film, coleur, silent, loopThe Greek word 'archeiropoietos' desginates an image which is formed without human intervention. Every year, the backyard of a building in Lisbon witnesses a peculiar phenomenon, in which sunbeams pass through a small hole in a tree, projecting a circle in the façade of the nearest building. The resulting effect is not a reflection, but rather a spontaneous image formed by the intervention of a natural 'camera obscura'. This particular setting offers the ideal conditions for the sun to project an image of itself. Like all images produced by means of a 'camera obscura', this too is an inverted image. In 'Inversao polar' [Polar Inversion], this phenomenon was captured in film and reproduced so that the image of the sun is cycliclally inverted, this restoring its original position.
Alexandre EstrelaO som no ar, 2010 Video projection, Plexiglass screen, paper, b&w, mono sound 104x141x24 cm'O som no ar' [The Sound in the Air] is an abstract attempt to visualize bats' sonar sounds. In the video, the rodents' echolocation sounds are represented by a network of metal cables. These form an irregular drawing which maps the surface of the acrylic screen, while also being reflected throughout the exhibition space. Inside of the acrylic structure there is a sheet of paper which absorbs the projected lines of the video, as if retaining the trace or memory of the mapping process.
Lazy Suzan2016, Video Installation, video projected over wooden structure