Sin principio / sin final is based on an antologic exhibition from Ignasi Aballí (Barcelona 1958) curated by Joao Fernandes for the Madrid Reina Sofia Museum. The exhibition composed by various works produced during the artists 10 last years of activity, as well as a set of works produced for the National University of Colombia’s art district.

To welcome that visit, the university has invited two colombian artists from posterior generations that share his approach to art: Mateo López (1978) and Bernardo Ortiz (1972); to offer dialogues and conexions that visitors will establish freely if they accept the challenge proposed by the artists to expand notions of visibility, categories of reality and values of art and its way of being concieved.
Colombian artist Mateo López is known for its varied work which presents a conceptual focus that includes drawings, installations, architecture, filmmaking and, what he calls, sculptural choreographies, all representing artistical journeys that revolve around the encounters of our everyday life.