Rotary Connection

Jose Dávila and Mateo López take part in the group show, Rotary Collection, organized by Loring Randolph with the following artists: Étienne Chambaud, Isabelle Cornaro, Julia Dault, Jason Dodge, Ryan Gander, Liam Gillick, Andrew Kuo, Mateo López, Benoît Maire, Arthur Ou, Marlo Pascual and Pietro Roccasalva.

MACBA and Fundación la Caixa

Jose Davila takes part in La Persistencia de la Geometría, an exhibition with artworks from Fundación La Caixa and MACBA collection.

MAK Viena

Jose Dávila will take part on the show: ENVISIONING BUILDINGS: Reflecting Architecture in Contemporary Art Photography at the MAK in Vienna


TRAVESIA CUATRO participates in ART BASEL Miami Beach, in ART POSITIONS with a solo project by Marco Rountree Cruz.

En obras. Colección Teixeira de Freitas.

Jose Davila takes part on the group exhibition: en obras, the first public exhibition of a selection of the collection Teixeira de Freitas from Lisbon, coicinding with its tenth anniversary. The uniqueness of this collection lies mainly on the strength and consistency of its approach: artworks related to architecture.

Museo Amparo

Gonzalo Lebrija and Jorge Mendez Blake take part in the show: Resisting the Present: Mexico 2000-2012, in the Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico. This exhibition will travel to the Museé d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris in spring 2012.

NOW: obras de La Colección Jumex

NOW will gather around 150 works from 84 mexican and foreign artists using different mediums as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video. Among these we will see some pieces from Gonzalo Lebrija and Jose Davila, Travesia Cuatro artists.

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Distance Between You and Me presents the work of three notable contemporary artists from Vancouver, Los Angeles and Guadalajara. Thematically, the exhibition revolves around the ideas of location and dislocation, not only in the geographical sense, but also in terms of psychological location.


Gonzalo Lebrija participates in the exhibition Everything must go organized by Jose Noe Suro and Eduardo Sarabia.


Marta Herford, Germany
11th of Juny, 2011 – 18th of September, 2011
Jose Davila participates in the exhibition We Are All Astronauts about the universe of Richard Buckminster Fuller reflected in contemporary art.

ME Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricth Foundation

John Isaacs participates in the exhibition AllCannibals? at the ME Collectors Room Berlin. 29th of May, 2011 – 21th of August, 2011.

Kunsten of Aalborg

From May, 18th to September, 11th 2011 John Isaacs is currently participating in the exhibition WAX. Sensation in Contemporary Sculpture, at the Kunsten of Aalborg, Denmark.
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