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Gonzalo Lebrija

Mexico City, Mexico. 1972

Gonzalo Lebrija Gonzalo Lebrija has focused his recent work to analyze the experience of the instant, building situations in which is possible to use time as raw material. By extending the distance between past and future, the artist shows the succession of moments that culminate in the construction of a concrete event. With projects that involve registering certain actions through photography and video, Lebrija proposes temporality in two different manners, as an irremediable determination but also as an open possibility. Two notions of time that have predominated the western paradigm are forced into dialogue: time understood as a result of destiny and time as product of chaos. With previous projects Lebrija approached the subject of Mexican daily life, dissecting the social and cultural structures that support it.

Through gestures that might seem naïve, the artist makes evident the contingency of institutions that provide solidity to daily life interactions; the bureaucratic dynamics are translated into childish games and the obsession with productivity derived from the capitalist ethos is reduced to the absurd.

Lebrija’s work has been exhibited in various institutions in Latin America, United States and Europe. Some of his most prominent solo shows are: La sombra del zopilote, Marfa Contemporary, United States (2015); Measuring the Distance, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (2015); Unfolded, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Mexico (2015); Possibility of Disaster, Centro de las Artes de Monterrey, Mexico (2013); Deriva especular, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City, Mexico (2011) and The Distance Between You and Me, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada (2011). The artist has also participated in the following group shows: ¿Cómo te voy a olvidar?, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France (2016); Love or the Lack of It, Travesía Cuatro, Madrid, Spain (2015); Habitar el tiempo, Museo JUMEX, Mexico City, Mexico (2014); Resisting the Present, México City 2000 – 2012, Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico (2011) y Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France (2012); Energy Effects, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, United States (2007); among others. He participated in the XIII Bienal de Estambul, Turquía (2013). He has a solo project scheduled at Sociedad de Torcedores de La Habana, Cuba, in December 2017. Gonzalo Lebrija was co founder and co-director of the independent space OPA (Oficina para Proyectos de Arte) in Guadalajara, Mexico; the artist currently lives and works in this city.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes I
2013. C-Print. 63,8 x 79,8 cm.
Who Knows Where The Time Goes I
2013. C-Print. 63,8 x 79,8 cm.
Floreo V
2013. C-Print. 170 x 127 cm.
Floreo VII
2013. C-Print. 170 x 127 cm.
Lamento Dorado
2007. Gold ceramic. 70 x 10 x 10 cm.
2010. Ink and gum.
Entre la vida y la muerte. Color.
2008. C-Print. 170 x 120 cm.
The Fall
2008. Photographic impression on cotton paper. 160 x 120 m.
Unfolded Airplane
2013. Cotton paper. 190 x 150 cm.
Unfolded Airplane
2013. Cotton paper. 190 x 150 cm.
Playing High 5
2005. Lambda print. 63 x 93 cm.


Travesía Cuatro participate in Frieze NY, May 4-7. Artists: Elena del Rivero, Gonzalo Lebrija, Jose Dávila, Alexandre Estrela, Milena Muzquiz, Asunción Molinos Gordo and Mateo López.


Travesía Cuatro is participating in Dallas Art Fair. April 7-9, 2017. Opening April 6. Artist: Jose Dávila, Jorge Méndez Blake, Gonzalo Lebrija, Gabriel Rosas Alemán y Elena del Rivero.


Gonzalo Lebrija and Jose Dávila will be in the group show Monumentos, Anti-monumentos y Nueva Escultura Pública curated by Pablo León de la Barra. Opening, next Friday Mach 30, 8pm, MAZ Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Jalisco, México.