Madrid, Spain
Guadalajara, Mexico

Founded in 2003 by Silvia Ortiz and Inés López-Quesada, Travesia Cuatro has devoted itself to constantly renovate its focus and goals as a gallery. Initially, the need to create a tangible link between the artistic scenes in Europe and Latin America was its primary intention; nowadays Travesía Cuatro aims to reflect the polyphony and the diversity of discourses that coexist within these contexts. Travesía Cuatro has enriched its program with the representation of artists with aesthetic proposals that through a poetic dimension emulate a definite sociopolitical stance, in order to produce a contrasting dialogue that could be pertinent regarding topics such as identity, global economy and multiculturalism. With young artists and mid-career artists; with two venues located in Madrid, Spain and Guadalajara, Mexico; and constant collaborations with curators from different parts of the world, Travesía Cuatro has given shape to a unique voice that recognizes the interdisciplinary usage of art as an active tool for situating into a critical perspective the events of the contemporary world.